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February 25, 2009

One week down....

and one week to go!!! I can't wait to go to the dr. I am so excited!!!! I hope next week goes by fast because I am so ready to find out the next step!


February 18, 2009

Dr. Update

I had a dr appt today at the Fertility Institute. I got there for 1 and I was so excited and nervous. It took about 20 mins for them to call me and dh back to see the dr. Well, when I went in the back they wanted to weigh me and take my vitals and stuff.

Then a nurse comes around the corner and says "you know that the dr you are seeing today isn't in your network for your insurance".
Well no I didn't when I made my appt I told them who I worked for and my insurance company and that good stuff.

So she says "we do have one dr that is in a different office that will see you and is in your network, if you don't want to go see him then you will have to pay full price all cash money with the dr your scheduled with today".

So dh and I walk outside and talk about and decide we need to save all the money we can so we decided to see the other dr.

Go back in to make the appt and it is now rescheduled to March 4th. Its a bummer that we have to wait two more weeks but like my senior quote said... "good things happen to those who wait"

Hope you all have a good rest of the week!


February 15, 2009

V-day and my weekend!

My V-day was great! Dh is a fireman so he got off at 7 am on Saturday morning and he brought home a dozen of pink roses, a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, a cute little teddy bear that says "Be Mine", and a very sweet card that reads, as I quote, The most wonderful gift that we can give to each other is finally here, That is us getting pregnant! I am so happy that you will be the mother of my child, I will be there for you always! Happy Valentines, Love, Clayton. Needless to say I start bawling crying.(We aren't KU yet but we go to our first Fertility Specialist appt on Wed. the 18th of Feb.) I got DH a sweet card and his favorite cologne. Dh also brought me home a card and candy from my super sweet FIL. Dh is a only child so I am the favorite DIL! LOL.

Saturday night Dh and I went to New Orleans and ate at Drago's. It was very good. After dinner we came home and watched some t.v. On to

Sunday we wake up kinda late.... like 11:30. I went over to my parents house, an acre away, and hung out with my mom and my little sister(17yo). Then dh and I went with my parents and my lil bro and sis to Baton Rouge to go bowling. It was really fun. After we went to Sonny's BBQ it was awesome. I don't like BBQ unless we are eating at Sonny's. We came home and watched the Daytona, we DVR'd. Bad ending but thats ok.

I will update everyone after Wed. can't wait till then!


February 10, 2009

Update on little ol' me!

Yes yes yes! I made the appt. to go see Dr. Lu. That is the dr. at the Fertility Institute. I am so happy. When I first talked to them they said that it would cost 215 dollars for them to just read our records and they said today that they would file it under insurance for a regular checkup so that saves us a little! I am going next Wed the 18th I will post an update later!

February 05, 2009

My week at a glance

This week has been so busy!
I worked on Mon and Tues. I work 12 hour days and even though I am doing what I love working that long is hard.

Wed was awesome.... I slept in late (11:30 a.m.) and then went to get my two lovely god-children Kali-3 years and Aaron- 1 year old. We had a blast first we went to see Uncle Clayton (dh) at the fire station. Kali loves to get up and see inside the truck. Then we checked my lil sister, senior in high school, out of school. We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, well half of it. We ate some chef boy r dee and then went to my parents house. We played and danced and just had a really fun time. Then we brought the babies back home and went to get some more fish for my parents fish tank. I talked my sister into getting frogs for the tank, they really are so cute. DH and I named "ours" hopper. My lil sister hasn't named hers yet.

Today was great too. I have been looking forward to this day. Dh and I went to do our taxes this morning. YES for a great return $$$. We are using this money to go to the fertility institute to make a BABY! Tonight my MIL is coming over to have dinner. Roast, mashed potatoes, corn, and garlic cheese biscuits. Does that not sound like it's going to taste amazing. I love having my MIL over we don't get to see her nearly enough as we would like to.

I work this whole weekend but it's not that bad. I'll write you later!


February 01, 2009

Introduction Time :)

Hello to all and welcome to my ttc journey!

This is my official intro to my new blog and for you to meet me. I am Kayla and I am married to a wonderful man, Clayton. We live in Louisiana... about 30 miles north of New Orleans. We are both in the fire service, dh is in suppression(firefighter/operator) and I am in communications(dispatcher) for the same dept, FD12.

DH and I are the poster children for "high school sweethearts" and I would not want it any other way. Clayton and I met the summer before I entered my freshman year of high school. We started dating the day after his 16th birthday, Aug 13, 2001. I was only 14 and he was only my second boyfriend. We did go to different(rival) high schools and he was a junior already. We dated and then fell in love, and in those four short years I was hooked and knew he was my soul mate. As my graduation day in May '05 approached my uncle who is in MN called and offered me a full ride scholarship to Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. With much sadness I did except... the worst part is I had to leave almost immediately the following Aug. '05. Clayton and I decided to stay together and just do the long distance relationship. As many of you know Hurricane Katrina hit in Sept '05. I went 5 LONG days without talking to the love of my life or friends and family. It was in those moments of sadness and being scared for the safety of my family that I decided that living thousands of miles of way was not worth free college. I didn't leave right away I finished out the semester.

In November I went home for Thanksgiving break, and was surprised by Clayton with the engagement. It was so sweet and well thought out. Clayton is Catholic and we had talked about me going through the program to be baptized since I have never been baptized. So while I was in on vacation we were going to talk to Father Bo(dh's priest from childhood) at St. Anselm Catholic Church in dh's home town Madisonville. When we arrive to meet Father Bo he was not there yet, so dh says lets go in and look around while we wait, of course I say yes! While we are inside I was up at the front of the church reading a bible while waiting for Father Bo, after a while Clayton says "Maybe he forgot lets go ahead and go and we can call him tomorrow or something" when I looked up from the bible Clayton was kneeling down to propose ::tears pour down my face:: as I am saying "YES OF COURSE".... We hug and kiss and just hold each other tight. He then tells me Father Bo was never coming he just called to ask if he could use the church to propose to me. We had plans for dinner so we left to go and eat, while driving there I call my parents and tell them. They were happy for us but of course already knew because Clayton brought them out to eat to ask their permission. We called dh's dad and then his mom and they were so happy too!

I then had to go back to MN to finish out the semester (and start planning a wedding). I swear by the end of November I had everything I wanted picked out and I was ready to start buying(with the help of the knot and my fellow Aug and N.O. knotties). Clayton and I talked about setting the date and we chose to wait until '07. We knew we wanted to get married in Aug. we were hoping Aug 13, the day we started dating. We didn't want to get married on a Mon. so we chose Saturday Aug 11th, 2007 the happiest day of our lives. The wedding was magical just like it could have came out of a fairy tale story. We had 1 maid of honor, 1 best man, 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 1 flower girl, and 2 ring bearers. With around 250-300 guest we were married in the very church Clayton proposed in, St. Anselm Catholic Church. Our reception was at the city hall next door to the fire station that my FIL is the Chief of. We purchased our home and moved in after our amazing honeymoon to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Know we are a year and a half into our marriage and we are ready to add a baby or two to our family. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, poly cystic ovary syndrome. We tried starting in Aug '08 but there was no O. At the end of Aug we went to the dr and she put me on a month of BCP to jump start my body, so we start Sept. 50mg of clomid .... didn't work. Nov. 100mg of clomid... didn't work. Dec. 150mg of clomid... didn't work. Jan. tried on our own... didn't work. Feb.... we are going to the Fertility Institute. This is a Dr.s office of fertility specialist that specialize on different infertility's. Clayton and I are both really hopeful that we can get pregnant and a have our lil bundle of joy by the end of '09::crossing our fingers for a BFP real soon::